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Where Science Meets Holistic Healing
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Holistic Healing Practitioner Las Vegas, NV

True Life Solutions knows you want to return to your youthful self! We provide you with effective and wildly successful programs, pathways and tools you need to get back into the shape and vibrant health you wish to be in. Results are rejuvenating regardless of your chronological age or experiences. You will be in the right place when you work closely with our amazing alternative Wellness and Relationship Life Coach.

We assist and serve clients in the Las Vegas, NV area and nationwide who are looking to live their lives more vibrantly. How do we accomplish this? We offer a comprehensive "Eight Weeks To Wellness" program and a "Vibrant Life Protocol," each of which gives you the opportunity to stay 30 until you're 90 in perfect health.

Imagine waking up feeling great every day. Call us today and begin your successful journey to wellness. 

Where Science Meets Holistic Healing

Now is the time for positive change. If you believe that all things are possible, then True Life Solutions is where you need to be. You'll enjoy a space where you can create a healthy connection between your brain and immune system to positively impact your health, wellness, and prosperity.

Everything you want is well within your reach, and we assist you to get to where you'd like to be. Whether you are wanting to improve your nutrition, get out of pain, reverse diabetes, heal your liver or digestive system and empower your whole being with the tools you need to succeed, we are here for you. 

Sheila Z Stirling Ph.D. is an award-winning author, certified lympholigest, certified in live blood analysis, and an expert in the health and wellness field.  An incredible source of information. She will guide you through your entire health and wellness journey with her expertise which is unique to the area. Sheila is proud to boast of a 100 percent success rate with numerous satisfied clients. Clients from anywhere in the country can benefit through the "Eight Weeks To Wellness" program. Being in Las Vegas is only required for a live blood analysis.

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